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Renewable Energy Poem

Our main goal,
Is to destroy the use of coal
Forget the past,
Mined dirt will not last
How do you feel?
When you must pay for power bill
Solar rays that grow a flower,
Can also generate solar power
Even is frost,
Solar cells can reduce your electricity cost.
Get endless power,
Use solar hot water when you are in a shower
We used coal, we sinned,
We should use the power of wind
Your planet is getting hotter,
We should implement hydro with the power of water
You say you are smart,
You say "renewable energy will fall apart"
Forget your pride,
We can generate power from ocean tide
All living beings have bad taste,
For all kinds of nuclear waste
Stop being cruel,
Stop using fuel
You can travel far,
In an electric car
Don't go to Shell,
Charge your car battery with a solar cell


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